Compassion is a virtue — one in which the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy are regarded as a part of love itself, and a cornerstone of greater social interconnection and humanism — foundational to the highest principles in philosophy, society, and person-hood.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

the sun is up, it's finally here, open up your eyes
jump right up, excited, you've got a big surprise
today is not a normal day, you made your mom a present
your mom will be so happy, and the day so very pleasant

running down the hallway to the kitchen door
the parents are arguing, as they've done before
special present that you hold, slide behind your back
you listen to them fight, your heart now feels so black

he yells to her you wanted this, he slams it to the floor
you said it could be your present, you wished for nothing more
she said it is my birthday, why do you make me grieve
my brother serves this country, he is home on leave

i need to take a drive with him, i'm sure that you agree
no the mother says to him, sad the girls will be
you said we'd have a party and promised lots of fun
my brother just drove up he says, i hope that we are done

mother was so mad at him she cursed him, then was silent
suddenly she screamed, she raved, then became so violent
mom grabbed the present he had given, a present she'd begged for
she took that prized and wanted blender and threw it out the door

she hit the car, she meant to, she screamed, she cried so hard
a blender for a present, no flower, or a card
to his brother he mumbled, it's nothing to worry about
and while the car was moving, the dad, he jumped right out

he picked up the broken present, from the driveway tar
he placed it on the table, well THAT got you very far
now you have no blender, no present, just a mess
probably embarrassed his brother saw, no less

another birthday ruined, a hole punched through a wall
he went upon his way, didn't hear his daughter call
she gave her mom the picture, she had made at school
the picture hung to hide that hole, the mom was not a fool

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

baby crying  in a crib
mother lying in her bed
doesn't wake to tend his needs
he'll cry for hours, if not fed

plotting how to make him stop
two sisters stand below
deciding what to do
food he needs, to quiet him, that much they do know

they make a plan, it goes like this
climb up to the top
slide right down in to the crib, grab the baby
pick him up, do not let him drop

slide him down to waiting hands
be as careful as you can
the boy is caught so cautiously
mother stirred, the sister ran

left alone, slip out the room
clean the baby up
warm his bottle on the stove
soon he'll have his sup

you sit there in the rocking chair
you whisper to your brother
don't worry, it will be all right
i'll be the other mother

you're six years old, you rock and sing
the little babe is sleeping,
he's fed and warm, wrapped in your arms
and in your thoughts you're thinking
        if she did this to you
           left you alone
              when you needed her, too.......

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

one day you realize you're alive
when that is, i think it's five

it's the age you remember, even when you are old
how so many things, could make you feel so cold

the world felt different, but somehow wrong
people sang, but you never felt the song

get a book, sit down and read
escape the reality, forget the need

not good enough to make them proud
you are pretty, pulled out for the crowd

you go through life, thinking, no more for me
i'll be different, live reality

but as you grow events emerge
your sad and happy often converge

you think you want to write a story
you never do, because you worry

what will they think when thoughts are rid
of  things they never thought they did

i'm going to write about my life
it's sad, it's long, it's filled with strife

a poem, a story, I will write 
a chapter or two every night

until you come to know who I am
the ever forgiving, sacrificial lamb

Sunday, May 6, 2012

if not afraid i'd suffer the fate,
repercussions, of past, i would relate

for me the time has come to change
i have a life to rearrange

for many things i thought would be
i have yet to ever see

the world is still here quickly spinning
it seems at times there is no winning

my mission here is to cease
these thoughts,
  the pain,
    and come to peace

when I say my life's the best
you may think it is -i jest

it seems i am the one to blame
because some things have stayed the same

this thing i need, i've tried before
this time i'm going through that door

my life story, will be told
to those
who wish - watch it, unfold